Software Projects

DevOps Framework


  • Two-way continuous integration framework for DevOps that enables bidirectional traceability of changes and transformation between a running system and its deployment specifications
  • A proof of concept implementation of Tornado updates version-controlled Terraform specifications according to changes to an OpenStack deployment
  • Source code
  • Technologies: Java, Maven, Eclipse Modeling Framework, OpenStack, Terraform, Docker
Domain-Specific Language


  • Compact domain-specic language tailored for specifying and executing deployment workows for distributed software systems
  • We used Amelia's composable and extendable subsystems to specify and deploy 324 architectural congurations to re-design the reference architecture of a software family at Carvajal T&S, improving its throughput by a factor of five
  • Source code and documentation and evaluation
  • Technologies: Java, Xtend, Xtext, Maven


  • Conversational kitchen assistant aiming at minimizing food wastage by optimizing the use of groceries and assist families in improving their eating habits through recipe recommendations, taking into account personal context (e.g., allergies and dietary goals) while helping reduce food waste and managing grocery budgets
  • Foodie Fooderson: A Conversational Agent for the Smart Kitchen was published at CASCON'2017
  • Technologies: Java, Maven, IBM Watson Conversation & Speech APIs


  • CLI application and YAML DSL to generate examinations based on a target technology (e.g., Latex and Moodle)
  • Benefits include: i) quizzes and midterms can be managed through version control; ii) from one single source file, the generator can target several output formats, including paper and online exams; iii) the generator allows randomizing and scrambling questions and choices
  • By creating Examgen, we stopped printing 2800 exams and reduced marking time by 30h per term
  • Source code and documentation
  • Technologies: Java, Xtend, Maven, Spring Boot
jQuery Plugin


  • Stacky is a jQuery plugin that makes it easy to create user interfaces with panels that open horizontally. Panels can be opened, closed, expanded and collapsed. A panel can be opened in regular mode (pushed next to a panel) or in floating mode (absolute position)
  • 245+ stars and 20+ forks on Github
  • Source code and documentation
  • Technologies: JavaScript, jQuery, Sass, Grunt, Bower, npm
jQuery Plugin


  • SecretNav is a small jQuery push menu plugin that slides out an off-canvas navigation from the edge of the screen while pushing the main content away with a fancy CSS3 powered 3D perspective effect
  • 60+ stars and 10+ forks on Github
  • Source code and documentation
  • Technologies: JavaScript, jQuery, Sass, Grunt, Bower, npm

SaberVirtual's logo

  • Educative and interactive software designed for training low-income students and strengthen several skills and knowledge needed to take the state school exams SABER and ICFES
  • I was responsible for (i) developing a Javascript parser for translating XML files to HTML code, and (ii) design/code the presentation layer using HTML and CSS, in a Java-embedded Firefox instance
  • Technologies: Java, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3
Domain-Specific Language

PaSCAni's logo

  • Pascani is a domain-specific language for specifying, compiling and deploying dynamic performance monitors to introspect (FraSCAti) SCA applications at runtime
  • Source code and documentation
  • Technologies: Java, Xtend, Xtext, Maven, FraSCAti

CLion Installer

  • Multi-platform assistant to facilitate the installation of CLion and its dependencies on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Source code and documentation
  • Technologies: NodeJs, ReactJS, Javascript, HTML, CSS

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